• Chainflip Labs is partnering with OKX Web3 and DoraHacks in an effort to boost the Chainflip ecosystem prior to its mainnet launch.
• The tie-ups will involve integrating the OKX Web3 wallet into a front-end interface and DoraHacks reinvesting proceeds from validators back into the Chainflip ecosystem.
• Other collaborations have been made to add functionality to the Chainflip experience, such as Squid, Axelar and OpenOcean.

Chainflip Labs Partners With OKX Web3 & DoraHacks

Chainflip Labs is working with OKX Web3 and DoraHacks in a further boost to the Chainflip ecosystem in advance of the protocol’s mainnet launch scheduled for Q4 2023. As part of this collaboration, the OKX Web3 wallet will be integrated into a front-end interface, enabling users to connect seamlessly when swapping on Chainflip. In addition, DoraHacks will reinvest proceeds from running validators back into the Chainflip ecosystem, funding new projects and running hackathons in order to continually improve the protocol’s infrastructure.

Integrations & Collaborations

ChainFlip has partnered with multiple entities in order to increase asset coverage available to users, liquidity in its pools and gas efficiency across chains. These partners include Squid, Axelar and OpenOcean who aim to make cross-chain swaps more flexible, efficient and affordable for web3 audiences.

Mainnet Launch

The mainnet launch of ChainFlips is scheduled for Q4 2023 and intends to provide secure cross-chain AMM platforms which allow users to swap native assets across any chains with extremely low slippage. The goal of Chainslip is become a network of networks that support increasingly specialised cross-chain liquidity platforms at accessible rates.

Benefits Of Partnerships

Simon Harman CEO & Founder of ChainFlips commented on how partnerships are beneficial for their growth: “The support of such industry heavyweights as OKX Web3 and DoraHacks is a great boost to Chainflip as mainnet launch approaches in Q4,” said Simon “Demand for cross-chain swaps is surging with Uniswap volumes regularly outpacing Coinbase.” He also added that they have plenty more integrations and collaborations coming up that will maximise their asset coverage availabe for users, liquidity in their pools as well as gas efficiency across chains.


ChainFlips has partnered up with various entities which are intended help create seamless value transfer between blockchain types while offering increased flexibility when it comes exchanging digital assets across different blockchains at low costs

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