• River Financial Inc. has partnered with Bitcoin Magazine to provide users with the ability to purchase bitcoin through the Bitcoin Magazine App.
• This integration is now live on the app, with BTC purchases and Lightning transfers available on River via the River app or at River.com.
• The partnership between River Financial and Bitcoin Magazine is focused on educating individuals about Bitcoin and providing them with the opportunity to invest in the digital asset in a secure and efficient manner.

River Financial Partners With Bitcoin Magazine

River Financial Inc., a technology company specializing in bitcoin, has teamed up with Bitcoin Magazine to offer users an easier way to buy bitcoin. Through this new partnership, users will be able to sign up for a River account and purchase bitcoin directly from within the Bitcoin Magazine app. In addition, users can earn free sats by reading articles on the app which they can then withdraw to either their own personal wallet or a wallet of their choice through use of the lightning network, making transactions even faster.

The On-Ramp To Investing In Bitcoin

This collaboration between both companies aims to create an “on-ramp” for people who want to learn more about investing in bitcoin as well as providing them with a secure and efficient way of doing so. David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine stated that “this new partnership provides the on-ramp for millions of people to not only buy Bitcoin but actually earn it by learning”. Alex Leishman, CEO of River also commented that “River shares this mission and serves as a gateway for people who want to learn about and invest in Bitcoin”.

Lightning Network Benefits For Users

The Lightning Network has been gaining traction as an effective way for transferring bitcoin due its speed and low cost nature – something which greatly benefits those using it. This collaboration between River Financial and Bitcoin Magazine allows those interested in investing in cryptocurrency easier access points into doing so such as being able to earn free sats from articles read on apps such as these before buying or transferring funds via lightning networks.

Creating A Fair And Just System

According to David Bailey, while some bad actors have caused issues within crypto industry recently there are still great companies like River Financial who are committed towards creating more fair financial system where everyone can get access into learning more about investing into cryptocurrency securely without having any issues related safety or efficiency when carrying out transactions – something which has been made increasingly possible through partnerships like these ones between both companies mentioned above.


This collaboration proves yet again how beneficial partnerships between companies can be towards improving overall cryptocurrency experience for end users – enabling them better access points into understanding more about investing into digital assets such as bitcoins safely without having any concerns related security or transaction costs associated with it – something which should prove beneficial towards further adoption rates of cryptocurrencies worldwide over coming years ahead .

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