• ApeX Pro and AstraBit have partnered to merge the worlds of decentralized finance (DeFi) and automated trading.
• Through this integration, traders will be able to access advanced trading tools on a single platform with automated trading bots.
• This partnership allows for easy onboarding, zero complexity in bot use & deployment, and opens up opportunities for users to engage in different strategies such as day trading, swing trading, and trend following.

ApeX Pro & AstraBit Merge DeFi & Automated Trading

Easy Onboarding & Zero Complexity in Bot Use

ApeX Pro has partnered with AstraBit to create a one-stop platform that combines decentralization and automated trading. The integration entails deploying automated trading bots that can analyze market data, identify opportunities, and execute trades based on pre-set rules and parameters via AstraBit’s dashboard. This opens up advanced trading tools to aspiring and experienced traders alike so they can take their trades to the next level on ApeX Pro. The individual trading data is backtested and live-tested by AstraBit before being made available publicly with an impressive track record in generating long-term returns. With these bots running 24/7 without fail, traders don’t need to worry about consistency or performance when it comes to their various chosen strategies like day trading, swing trading or trend following.

Revolutionizing Interaction with Blockchain Technology

Nicholas Bentivoglio, CEO of AstraBit shared his excitement about the strategic partnership between their two companies: “This brings together the best of both worlds; AstraBit’s user friendly single-point access software with automated trading portfolio management and scalability with ApeX Pro’s innovative DeFi solutions.” He also highlighted how this partnership revolutionizes how people interact with blockchain technology while providing access to Web3 finance.

Leaping Ahead in the Web3 Race

As a leading permissionless derivatives exchange, ApeX Pro offers a reliable high-performance global platform open to all traders which features an innovative order book model along with an easy user experience for trade execution liquidity provision dynamic earning programs that are decentralized self-custody focused . It continues its mission of expanding its Web3 ecosystem by collaborating with established industry partners like AstraBit who share their vision of a financial future built on blockchain technology


The strategic partnership between Apex Pro & Astrabit is groundbreaking because it enables users from all levels – from seasoned veterans to aspiring traders – easy access into DeFi through advanced tools like automated trading bots capable of analyzing market data , identifying profitable opportunities , executing trades according to pre set rules etc . This merger brings together decentralization & automation , making sure that users get the most out of their investments while staying true to the core principles of self custody & decentralization .

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