• ZEBEDEE has announced a new feature that allows users in the US, UK and EU to instantly send money to Philippines and Brazil.
• This is based on the open Lightning Network and enables users to connect directly to partners like Pouch.ph and Bipa.
• This is a major step towards making Bitcoin accessible as a form of global money for the modern age.

ZEBEDEE Introduces Instant Money Transfer Feature

ZEBEDEE has announced their latest feature: instant money transfer from any Lightning wallet or service to two of their partners, Pouch.ph and Bipa, located in the Philippines and Brazil respectively. Based on the open Lightning Network, this feature provides seamless interoperability between different user accounts across borders.

The Benefits of Interoperability

This new announcement provides an improved user experience that makes it easy for people around the world to send and receive funds quickly using ZEBEDEE’s platform. For example, a Brazilian user can earn bitcoin playing games like Solitaire then instantly transfer those funds into Bipa where they can be exchanged for Brazilian reais with just the push of a button within seconds.
This move by ZEBEDEE is one step closer to achieving financial inclusion worldwide while also making it easier for people to access Bitcoin as a form of global money for the modern age.

Partner Reactions

Ethan Rose, CEO of Pouch.ph expressed his excitement over this new partnership with ZEBEDEE saying that “it aligns perfectly with our vision for financial inclusion” while Luiz Parreira CEO & Co-Founder at Bipa noted how “the remarkably simple new user experience created by ZEBEDEE is a powerful move towards broadening our reach”.

Moving Forward

With these recent developments, ZEBEDEE continues its mission of making Bitcoin more accessible than ever before through its innovative platforms which provide users with different ways to earn cryptocurrency or make payments without needing to learn complex concepts about Bitcoin itself. As Andre Neves said “We have to make it so intuitive and simple…that it ceases to be about Bitcoin”.


ZEBEDEE’s recent announcement further proves that cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin can play an important role in providing fast and secure international payments while also promoting financial inclusion around the world through partnerships with companies like Pouch.ph and Bipa who are dedicated towards facilitating better payment solutions globally

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